Traveling with children around the world does not mean that you should be limited to amusement parks, zoos and playgrounds. You can work in your great European getaway without sacrificing too much on the road and emotional endurance. You can create amazing memories by traveling with the whole family and maybe even closer to your children because the travel experience teaches them important life lessons. How many children are lucky enough to see the other side of the world outside of their TV screens?

Mom and Dad, The Explorers

Take this opportunity to become your child’s personal guide and they will learn more than they would ever learn in the sociology book. Children are more likely to communicate with locals than your typical tourist. With these interactions brings new experiences and ideas about local culture. You’ll probably learn a few things from your kids, too.


Europe can be surprisingly accommodating for families of tourists, especially in the most developed transport countries. They defeated America in different ways, which is not too surprising given the extent of the quality of our infrastructure across the country.


The best way to ensure a smooth and adventurous holiday in Europe is to plan, plan and plan ahead. This includes preparing your children. The way you do it is to get them excited about the different places you will visit in Europe and teach them all about it. Schools usually don’t do a good job of educating us about the rest of the world here in the US, kids usually learn more about places like France, Greece and Spain from what they watch on TV. Plan some family time with the travel channel and movies in Europe, I guarantee that they will be inflated by the time it comes to leave.

The key to a successful family holiday in Europe is to slow down and dampen expectations. Do not mis word it. Take one or two important sites each day, mix in a good dose of pure pleasure, and take longer breaks as needed. If you do it right, you will bring home happy memories to share your life.

The best time to take your children abroad

When is the right age to start taking your kids with you around the world? Well, it’s really up to you to decide, but to have the best experience as a little one, it’s really better for them to be able to deal with a lot of walking and a certain degree of maturity to be able to deal with small bumps in the road that will happen on a long trip.

Many parents pamper their children and then get upset when they worry about the smallest inconveniences. This can turn a fun learning experience into a boring, stressful and, potentially, pointless use of a vacation getaway.

Teenagers may actually be more objectionable than primary school students. Little ones have their bad days, but if a teenager decides that parents “do not understand”, they will lose the whole trip and choose not to have a good time at all costs.

So the short answer is: you know your kids better than anyone else and you have to make the decision based on your relationship and remember that you can’t force one of these family “happy ending” stories.

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